Gianni Infantino was elected as FIFA’s new president on Friday

Gianni Infantino urges more players to become involved in FIFA decisions

New FIFA president Gianni Infantino is urging more players to become involved in the running of football, while recommending a cautious approach to the use of technology in the game.

Infantino, elected on Friday as a replacement for former president Sepp Blatter, believes the input of players can be useful in FIFA’s decision-making processes.

“It’s important that the players are involved because they are the stars of football,” Infantino told the FIFA website.

“They have to be involved in the decision-making process. We need to listen to the players, we need to listen to their voices, to their experience, to involve them in the activities we do.”

Speaking on the subject of increased use of technology in the game to help referees, Infantino accepted that its use will have to be strongly considered going forward, but insisted that any new developments would have to ensure minimal interruption to matches.

“It’s crucial to see what impact technology will have on the flow of the game,” added Infantino.

“Football is a special game, it’s the most beautiful and most important sport in the world and we don’t have to kill football.

“If the flow of the game is guaranteed, then I think we need to see how technology can help the game, we have to start with tests sooner rather than later.”


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